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The mini-car of the future

A new project is being developed in order to make the traffic more fluid and to put two-wheel electric cars on the jammed roads.

Lit Motors Company wants to reinvent the means of transportation by shrinking the cars.

Most cars in traffic have one person inside, instead of four and one option would be to carpool but most people hate that. “Look around a city at peak traffic time and you’ll probably notice that most gridlocked cars contain only one person, despite having seating for four and space for their luggage. One option is ride-sharing schemes, which aim to have fewer cars and more people on the streets. There is a problem: very few people actually like to carpool.” Daniel Kim, Founder and CEO of Lit Motors stated.

This is why a solution could be resizing the car in order to put more people on the road and fit twice as much cars and people in parking spaces.

The company’s proposal is the C-1, an electric vehicle that is almost a motorcycle with a top speed of over 100mph (160kph) and with the possibility to travel up to 200 miles between charges. It can stay upright all by itself with the help of a special designed system and the final prototype includes two seats, one behind the other.

“What we’re doing is taking the safety and the comfort of a car, but integrating that with the romance, the efficiency, and the thrill, of a bike. That still preserves the elements of freedom and independence that commuters today demand.” Kim added.