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CHINA ON TOP - Chinese company to build world's tallest building in just 90 DAYS

“If you want to reach the top, you have got to move fast.” - This must be the logic of a Chinese consortium, who seem confident that they can bend time and space and build the world's tallest tower - all 838 metres of it - in just three months.

Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), a construction company based in Hunan, believes they can do the whole $628million construction in 90 days. The planet’s current record-holder, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, took six years to build and had an estimated cost of $1.5 billion.

As soon as the 220-storey 'Sky City', in Changsa, the provincial capital of Hunan, is complete, it will take the mantle of the world's tallest building. The building will also beat China’s current biggest skyscraper poster - the 632-meter Shanghai Tower.

Broad originally planned a 666-meter skyscrapper, but the local government wanted the world’s tallest, so the last 20 storeys were added at the urging of local government officials.

There is a track record for BSB, a previous 15-storey construction was put up in six days in June 2010 - and a 30-storey building in just 15 days (360 hours).

So, if anyone can do it, it's BSB. The key to their speed is prefabricating large portions of the buildings in factories - so technically most of the tower will be built before the first digger hits the site. BSB's plan is to assemble 95% of the building in its factory before a single shovelful of dirt has been moved at the actual build site.

A cost estimate of $1500 per square meter of floor space would also make Sky City considerably cheaper than the similarly high Burj Khalifa ($15000 per square meter).

It will have 104 elevators, one million square metres of floor space, and quadruple glazing.

The building, which is slated for completion in January 2013, will be mixed use, with luxury apartments, low income housing, and space for businesses and retail, according to the company. It will also be earthquake-resistant and have 31 high-speed elevators to take visitors to the upper-level observation decks, the company said. Most of Sky City’s 220 floors will be apartments for 174,000 people, and the rest will house a hotel, school, hospital, offices, shops, and restaurants.