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Facial Skin Care tips

Beauty isn’t skin deep but it does lie in the eyes of the beholder! If you are a woman and anywhere between the age of 13 to 70, you definitely want that beholder to find you beautiful all the time!

There are many areas of the body that you can enhance to look beautiful, the most important being the face.

There are probably several methods you have tried and tested to achieve that fresh and clear skin. But, not all of those methods work for all skin types. 

There are different types of skin – dry, normal, sensitive, combination and oily skin. For people with dry skin, there is a constant peeling of the skin; for people with oily skin, there are always pimples to tend to; for people with sensitive skin, any small change in environment can cause major skin damage and for people with normal and combination skin types, there is a chance of any of the above to happen.

Here are the facial skin care tips:

1. The first tip to any beauty conscious woman is to cleanse your face at least once a day (don’t over cleanse). Cleansing removes grime. Check with the local stores and buy a cleanser according to your skin type. Choose a creamy cleanser if you have dry skin or a clear cleanser if you have oily skin. Apply the cream, rub in circular motions and wash off with warm water. Preferably, do it at night.


2. Makeup from last night (mostly the heavy makeup used for partying!) must be completely removed before applying the cleaner. Make sure not to excessively rub your face as this will create irritations and redness. Remember to use a makeup remover for this purpose.

3. At any age, you may face the problem of pimples (commonly called zits) on your face – they could be whiteheads that turn into blackheads later. The trick is never to pop a pimple. It might be the ugliest one you have seen, but squeezing pimples will lead to swelling or maybe even scarring on the skin. Sometimes, they are the main cause for infections.

4. Fruit facials are the best! They give your face a vibrant and fresh look, apart from being the best moisturizer. Mash fruits such as papaya, mango, raw banana or any other fleshy fruit and apply on your face before you have a bath. Very rarely do people develop skin allergies to these types of fruit, but it is always better to do a patch test beforehand. Sometimes even vegetables are used such as grated cucumber or carrots.

5. Never touch your face unless absolutely necessary (not even then!). You will be surprised how many bacteria can thrive on your hands, causing skin infections or dirt to collect on your face. The pores on your face are delicate and are prone to irritations and infection. Wash your hands after every meal and use a sanitizer for your palms, if needed.

6. You might be living in the coldest climate, but you still need sun protection! Maximum UV rays are emitted from the sun and a significant amount from the lights in your home too. Sun’s rays can cause wrinkles and, more severely, cancers. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

7. Exfoliation must be done just once a week (but must be done!) after cleansing. Exfoliants include walnut shells or oatmeal. The skin cells have the capacity to renew and replace the dead surface with newer ones for a clearer skin. It is these dead cells that make the skin look dull and cause blackheads.

Being beautiful is not only about external care but more about what you eat and other lifestyle habits. So, eat right, drink lots of water and sleep well for all the above tips to work.