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Fashion in Singapore

The Singaporeans have always been fashion conscious and up-to-date on the current and ruling styles and trends. Singapore is a paradise for fashion lovers and the perception of fashion among the people of Singapore is unique and striking.

One can get a good idea about the fashion in Singapore from the number of international brands that flood the beautiful shopping malls in Singapore. Singapore is one of the first countries in Asia to have the best of all international brands, accessories and cosmetics available in its local stores.Landmark events in the industry of fashion in Singapore are the Singapore Fashion Week and the Singapore Fashion Festival,

which displays the finest creations by the best international fashion designers and participation from the major fashion houses and guests all over the globe. The fashion of Singapore also has a constructive role to play as the Singapore fashion Week provides a platform for the aspiring fashion designers.

The fashion industry is constantly acquiring new successes with every passing day. The exotic prints and bold colours used by the fashion designers in Singapore are in great demand all over the world.