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Fashion Trends - 2011

The dress culture in Singapore is casual so as to cope up with the tropical climate.

Singapore is a land of people from many races and cultures, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian blended together into a cultural melting pot. Modern consumers are increasingly becoming brand conscious and are opting for clothing that fit into this seasons fashion trends. With fashion emerging into a means of self-expression, there exists strong demand for unique clothing designs, which make a bold fashion statement.

This season’s fashions trend is here: 

1. Neutrals
Keep all your camel-colored options from 2010 and gear them up for this year by mixing them with 2011′s new black: white, caramel, camel or vanilla to your everyday wardrobe for a pinch of delicious luxury.

2. Prints, Prints, Prints

Don’t put away all your bold stripes, floral silks, geometric patterns and animal prints just yet. Prints had a soft return for the Resort and Spring runways, so continue to mix and match your favorite patterns. Don’t forget to add texture and add a touch of retro. The 70′s are back for 2011.

3. Crop Tops

Like it or not, the cropped top is here to stay. Crop tops are effortless chic way to show off that vintage belt on your high-waisted pants or skirt. Keep the 2011 minimalist trend here by sticking with solids.

4. The Long Skirt/Maxis

Get rid of those potentially unflattering minis but keep the longer skirts around. 2011 is full of beautiful, lengthy skirts or maxi dresses with a lower hem. Instant feminine chic!

5. Suiting Up

Freshen up all those blazers that you brought the following year and hem up the sleeves or even cut them off for a fresh take on the piece.