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Find the best Jewellery for your face shape

Jewellery can elevate your look to a whole new level! It can add glamour to a basic outfit and add a glow to your face. If chosen with care, jewellery can play with your facial dimensions and add to your beauty to enhance your best features.

Choosing the proper earrings and necklaces is quite easy when you follow these simple rules that take your face shape into consideration.

How to Define Your Face Shape:

1. Pull hair back and secure with pins or a headband so hair is completely off the face.

2. Stand 12" from a mirror and look straight into it -- or have someone take a picture of you facing straight into the camera with your hairline showing.

3. Outline your face with a marker on the mirror with tracing paper, or on the photo.

4. Now look at your face shape in the mirror or photo drawing. Choose the shape that most closely resembles your own. If your face is a combination of shapes, choose styles based on the following criteria, which most flatter your particular shape.

The Oval Face

The oval face is widely-known to be the perfect face shape. If you are blessed with an oval face, you are one lucky damsel because you can pretty much pull off anything. Round earrings, button or hoop earrings look well on the oval face, but triangular shapes and general angular ones are incredibly flattering. These will give definition to your facial lines. Dangling earrings look great as long as they are not too long, as this may elongate the face too much and ruin the perfect proportions of the oval face.

There are no restrictions for the oval faced girl when it comes to necklaces. Low dangling necklaces as well as chokers were designed for your features. If you have a longer neck you might swap extra-long necklaces with short classy ones. These will emphasize the length of your neck and perfectly jazz up a top or dress with a deep cut.

The Round Face Shape

A round face often requires jewellery that creates the slimming illusion. You're also a lucky type since there are endless styles and lengths that can flatter your face. Long dangly earrings would look gorgeous on those with round faces. Other earring shapes such as square and triangular will also look very lovely. Round earrings are not so harmful, but they are not the most flattering either. This always youthful face shape should look for necklaces that will elongate the face shape. Long necklaces that are not so close to the face are ideal.

Chokers are no-no pieces, as well as ultra-short ones. Avoid wearing jewellery that would widen your neck, pearls and large stones are not recommended. Pair a long T-style necklace with a low cut dress, to be the queen of the day.

The Oblong/Rectangle shaped face

This face shape is dramatic and should basically do the opposites of those with round faces when it comes to looking for jewellery. It’s important to choose jewellery that shortens the neck and face. That's why statement jewellery is a great option especially if short. And bold earrings are best for girls with oblong shaped faces. Button and round earrings contrast the eye-popping edges of your features. Look for different colors and oval shapes to make your look fabulous.

Whether diamond or wood, dangling or hoop all these will do a great favour to your features.

Necklaces that are very close to the facial frame suit these face shapes best like chokers. As a basic type of necklace it has several benefits when balancing straight vertical lines and minimizing the length of your face.

The Heart Shaped face

This is a face shape designed for beauty. Dangly earrings look great especially the triangle ones that flare at the bottom (as this is the opposite of the heart face shape and balances the dimensions). In order to soften the wider forehead you are advised to wear jewellery that smoothes those straight lines. Earrings with a round or oval shape are perfect, opt for teardrop or Chandelier ones. Be confident to put on some hoops.

However if you choose angular style, take care of the length. The longer the better, pass on ultra-short earrings.

The point chin will be softened by a choker and makes your features refined. Other short necklaces with double and even triple strands will also look amazingly.