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Full-body suits could get you into trouble

Put on a full body spandex suit in Singapore and you could earn the attention of the police.

This new possible funny habit in Singapore's straight-laced justice system was discovered last month when two youths dressed in a face concealing head-to-toe spandex suit decided to model the new togs at two local shopping malls.

According to a report by MyPaper, the pair were spotted and photographed by concerned citizens who submitted the images to citizen-journalism website Stomp. These suits caused a negative reaction online where viewers complained about the youths roaming around Causeway Point and Lot One shopping center.

The 'offenders' when interviewed said they were just out "to be funny."

They were inspired to throw on the suits after seeing cosplayers who had dressed up as a Marvel Comics character, Thor, a few months ago. The suits are also increasing in popularity at sporting events, with fans happy to wear little else other than a second skin in their team's colors.

Regardless, according to a lawyer quoted in the newspaper report, the Singaporeans' lighthearted antics could be considered "running afoul of the law."

Chia Boon Teck, 48, a partner at law firm Chia Wong, told MyPaper that the outfits might be found to be causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public, an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act. Mr Foo Cheow Ming, 47, a criminal lawyer at Khattar- Wong, said whether they have broken any laws is open to interpretation.

For now, the two youths are safe from the long arm of the law, unless someone decides to lodge a police report.

So, in case you were thinking of pulling out the full body spandex for a trip about town, you may want to think again.