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Garlic for Exceptional Health and Well-Being

Perceived as a culinary spice, garlic is frequently ignored as a real effective treatment. Believe it or not, garlic offers formidable medicinal uses and in recent years garlic health benefits continues to be the subject of medical research. Along with 400 specific compounds, garlic has been observed to be a nearly phenomenal “cure-all.” It is successful in fighting many diseases, from the common cold, the herpes virus, asthma, to other dangerous maladies like viral pneumonia, coronary artery disease, heart ailments, certain forms of cancer, possibly even HIV.

Garlic happens to be a herbal antibiotic, and unlike laboratory-created antibiotics, garlic is very effective not just against bacteria, but also viruses and fungi. Additionally, it will not destroy the intestinal flora. It enhances the immune system’s ability to resist sickness by encouraging the killer cells or phagocytes, and fortifies the immune system entirely. It literally will kill bacteria and viruses on contact, including antibiotic resistant super-bugs such as streptococcus and staphylococcus.

In contrast to ordinary antibiotics and various other treatments, the viruses and bacteria cannot mutate to create tougher forms of themselves against garlic! Garlic is thus a lasting antibiotic to which a super-bug is not able to become resistant. Garlic helps the heart to stay healthy. It helps lower cholesterol and fatty deposits in the arteries, plus also decreases blood pressure levels and thins blood to help reduce the possibility of clotting. A healthy diet together with garlic and a sensibly reduced consumption of protein, notably animal protein, can go a long way in avoiding cardiac arrest and stroke. Garlic will also fight the threat of cancerous cells and tumorous growth from achieving a foothold.

It’s been determined to be effective in slowing down and controlling prostate, breast and colon cancer. Garlic’s sulfur elements apparently contain a strong effect on the liver’s detoxification enzymes; it’s these enzymes that the liver reduces and removes toxins. Garlic thus helps the liver to get rid of toxic substances and dangerous compounds within the body; this process can actually stop cells from growing to be cancerous.

Keeping to a sensible lifestyle and diet program with lots of fruits and vegetables, (in particular, organic, to decrease toxins from pesticides) is important. Keeping away from alcohol, cigarettes, excessive sugars and fats, and chemical-laden processed foods is also a must. And, adding garlic in your food routinely will surely do no less than protect you against a whole host of diseases.