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Hairstyles that make you look younger

Are you not just tired of times you try out a hairstyle and it makes you look much older and it seems like our Hollywood celebrities have their own fair share of these issues too.

Well find out what hairstyles will age you without you even knowing it and tips on how to tweak them to get you looking young again. Just like shoes, hairstyles can either make or break your outfit and just because one hairstyle looks good on someone else, it doesn't mean it will most certainly work for you. Enjoy the tips we offer you.


Not all braids are equal with looking young. If it is very structured like Amanda Seyfried's first hairstyle you can tell it is a little too neat which adds years to the face. Instead follow Amanda's second hairstyle it is more relaxed and laid-back. You'll notice she actually look younger especially with the loose braids.


Not all bangs will automatically make you look younger. It's all about the choice of bangs that you choose for your hairstyle that matters. With Emma Stone first hairstyle, her blunt bangs doesn't complement her face at all, making her look aged.

The right type of fringe can easily make you look younger. You should cut bangs just above your brows to emphasize your eyes.  You'll notice in the second picture that despite her up-do, she still looks younger in this photo and that's thanks to her slightly side-parted bangs.

Sleek up-do

Up-dos are a tricky hairstyle to pull off whilst still looking young. One thing's for sure, Hayden Panettiere's hairstyle here is a big no-no for such a young actress. If you're going to put up your hair, don't style your hair in tight small curls it just doesn’t work for her face and the youthfulness is then compromised.

The second picture is the way to go! Hayden got it right with her hair in very loose waves it most definitely softer the look showing off her youthful glow.

Shoulder-length locks

Salma Hayek's decision to curl her hair in big sections in this photo reminds us all of hairstyles our mothers wore in their younger day it is really a dated hairstyle!

To make shoulder-length hair work, try blowdrying your hair straight. Don't use a straightener because this technique will only give you lifeless hair that's too straight.

Another way of making shoulder-length hair work is by using a big curling tong to create waves (not curls!). It'll frame the face nicely with a more natural look.

As Nicole Kidman's hairstyle in the first photo is a perfect example.  The tight curls where just not a good for her at all. But looking at her second photo look at how much younger Nicole looks. Also, take note of her side parted hair it's youthful and very feminine.