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How to dress for success

Setting the stage

Do you look tired and out of energy?  Have you ‘let yourself go’ by wearing ill-fitting or boxy clothes and an outdated hair style?  Do you wear tasteful, low key makeup?

All of these things can impact your ability to influence those hiring or managing you, and those you may be managing.  People tend to trust and respect those whom they feel ‘get’ some part of their world.  Keeping up to date in their world means having some elements of your wardrobe and demeanor reflect their world.  You don’t want to look as though you are trying too hard, but paying attention to the image you’re projecting can pay off in a big way.


The purpose of wearing make-up isn’t so much to look pretty as it is to present a ‘finished’ look and a healthy, vibrant face.

People want to do business with those who look energetic and healthy.  If you look worn out or tired, people may assume that if you don’t have energy to address that, you may not have the energy to get other things done.   You want to look as though you have as much energy as your younger counterparts.  If that alone doesn’t convince you, a study out of the University of Texas found that women who wore tastefully applied makeup could earn as much as 28% more than those who wore none or too much.


The second thing they tend to pay attention to is your shoes. Many of us have feet that have seen better days.  We may be opting for comfort over style if we have bunions or hammer toes.  “Comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive,” Sara believes.  There are many options out there now that allow us to meet both criteria.  

One of the best investments for a woman of a certain age is an excellent tailor.  Managing the extra pounds and, let’s just say it, sags and bulges that can occur means we may have to buy a piece of clothing large enough to accommodate these changes, and then have them cut down so they fit us well in other areas.  To cover the waist and upper hips for example, it may be necessary to take in across the bust and under the arms. Think comfort and fit cannot coexist?  You can be comfortable without wearing formless clothes by having them tailored to fit you beautifully.