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How to fight stress

Everybody gets stressed from time to time, but we all feel stress in different ways. There are many ways of dealing with stress.

Like talking with someone that you trust can start you on the road to solving your problems or at least feeling better about the situation instead of screaming which wouldn’t solve that much.

Stress is considered to have an extremely dramatic impact on the human immune system. That is because stressful situations that have an extensive duration affect the hormones of the human body, which in turn directly affects the human immune system. But don’t get despaired because stress can be controlled.

Try these five tips and you will certainly feel better:

Tip 1: Talk

When you need help, reach out to the people who care about you the most. Speak with someone you trust about your problems as they may be able to offer you another perspective and you will see another angle of the issue and work towards its solution.

Tip 2: Make a journal

Writing in a journal can help you prevent stress. As you will learn to think out your problems in an organised way and learn how to express yourself whilst release your emotions.

Tip 3: Don't freak out!

Don’t let your feelings take control when you are upset. Find a way to calm down and get over the upset feelings. Insert do something that you like that can put you in a better mood (listening to music, going out, or even exercising).

Tip 4: Sleep

Give your body and mind the opportunity to relax during sleep. If you have difficulties with sleeping try to avoid heavy food and or caffeine drinks in your diet.

Tip 5: Exercise

A calm evening walk or a more dynamic type of exercise, like an aerobic class, can help you get rid of the tension and the anxiety that are caused by stress.