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How to Find True Happiness

Most people wonder How to Find True Happiness and then just go about their business, living day to day, week to week, thinking a magic solution will fall into their laps.

If you want to be happy, then it's going to mean you have to be a bit more proactive than that. But that's really good news, instead of just wondering aimlessly, you can grab your own piece of happiness by defining what it is that makes you happy, joyous, blissful and content.

We can often follow the paths of others thinking that what is pleasurable for them will work for us, but because we are all individuals, we need to create our own path to happiness.

How to achieve happiness

Love, Life And Success

Life is a gift, there's no doubt about that and what you do with it will decide your long and short term happiness.
You need to find answer to these three questions, then you can reach a clearer picture, after all how can we try to find true happiness if we don't know what we really want?

What/Who Do You Really Love

This falls into two distinct categories:
the people you love, the Things you love to do.

1. The People you love

To find true happiness you must understand that if something is bringing you joy then of course it must be of huge value to you. It is pure wisdom then to nurture and maintain these important values to maximize your quality of life. Spending a little time and effort on the people that make you happy can reward you over and over again and yet it's a shame that many people never stop and take time to really value the relationships that give us so much genuine happiness.

Relationships are one of most important factors in happiness and often more friends and stronger bonds create a happier and higher quality of living. Paying close attention to new and existing relationships is an investment in your long term happiness.

2. The Things You Love To Do

What really excites you? - Movies, Sports, Puzzles, Concerts, Books, Parties, Food?
By understanding the things that you really enjoy, you can take another step towards finding true happiness. What are the things you do that upon reflection, don't bring as much joy as you once had. Life is an ever evolving process and what used to entertain us can sometimes become mundane, whilst things we thought we would never enjoy turn into things we love.
Take time to genuinely appreciate the enjoyment you get from your favorite pastimes and search for new things to bring you joy.
Many people find when new doors are opened for them they find more and more interests and rewards. Travel, new cuisine, thrill rides can all be exciting for some and not for others - It's a personal journey, but an open mind will let you at least try before you decide.

What Kind Of Life Do You Want?

What kind of lifestyle attracts you the most? - Laid back, easy going? - Fast paced, city living -In between - Neither?
That kind of life you want is something you should understand well. We naturally drift towards our desires, but when we can clearly identify those desires we can move towards them faster and easier.

Think about what YOU want, because the lives of others people might make them happy, but you miserable. Be clear about what you want, and then you can start to step towards finding true happiness tailored to you.

What Do You Consider To Be Success?

All that matters is your personal definition. If having a loving close family is success for you then that's great and you should take pride in obtaining and accomplishing that.
If making a stack of money so you can buy nice things is a measure of success, then great for you.
Maybe a successful relationship with your partner is a degree of achievement that you take great pride in. Whatever it means to you, achieving success can bring fulfillment, pride and satisfaction to your life.

By having clarity in our definition we can make headway towards greater and greater accomplishments and find true happiness in our results.
Happiness is intangible, yet it is personally definable. By knowing what comprises a happy life for ourselves we can find true happiness. Instead of envying the achievements of others, the solution is to celebrate your own successes.

Instead of doing whatever makes other people happy (by all means try to see if it makes you happy), the solution is to do the things you love to do.
Find true happiness in the things you do, the people you love and the immeasurable achievements that define you.