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How to Get the Golden leaf eyes

Emma Watson is know for the golden leaf eyes and wonderful acting, but also for her beauty. To get the Emma Watson statement eyes look.

1. Start with, preparing the skin using a light foundation with a brush all over the face to create this flawless but natural finish.

2. Use a black eyeshadow all over the eyelid and a Eye Blender to work it into the crease and towards the outside edge of the eye to create the winged eye effect.

3. Then use a black kohl on the inside edge of the lash line to create the definition and smudge the eyeliner underneath the lower lash line to soften. Apply a black mascara to upper and lower lashes to increase the intensity in the eyes.

4. Using a Gold Glitter Dust, apply a small amount to the inside corners of the eyes, blending towards the eyelid and a touch on the inside corner of the lower lash line.

5. Then using some Eye Jewels apply 3-4 depending on the size to the outside edge of the eyes.

6. For the cheeks, use a powder blusher to even spread on the upper cheeks and for the lips use Lip Gloss.