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How to look and feel Stylish for MEN

This is the essential guide for men to how exactly they can look and feel stylish for those who are tired of looking the same old way. 

Facial Care

Facial Care for men is extremely important follow these tips to achieve a routine to help keep your skin looking clear and healthy:

1. Choose a nice razor. If you already hate shaving, why make it worse with a dull blade that marks up your skin? Use a manual razor as opposed to an electric one, as you get a closer shave. Many guys should use a shaving cream and razor that will give them a very close shave but also protect their skin at the same time.

2. Use aftershave. So many men forget about this. Take the extra 5 minutes to put it on, as it provides a nice smell and a disinfectant to help prevent razor burn.

3. Moisturise. Apply regularly and choose a lotion that is water or glycerine based, not alcohol based. It makes for smooth unblemished skin, and softens the hair follicles, making for an easier shave.

4. Take care of acne. The best thing to play it safe is to use an acne fighting soap in your skin care routine. Wash your face at least twice a day, with some acne medicine (acne gel, cleansing pads, etc.), and moisturise after.

Hair Care

1. Buy some good quality shampoo and some quality conditioner. These will help keep your hair clean and moisture rich. DO NOT wash your hair with soap.

2. Find a good quality barber or stylist. It won't help if you have the right clothes, attitude, or products if you have a bad hair cut. It takes away from your whole appearance. Remember to get your hair trimmed or cut every 4 weeks.

 3. Make sure you shampoo less than you condition. Don't shampoo your hair today and tomorrow. The first shampoo will clean your hair and the second robs your hair of natural oils only shampoo TWICE a week. 

Body Hair

Cutting one's body hair (aside from face and head) used to be considered quite feminine but these days it is accepted in Asian cultures. Many men have regular waxing or laser hair removal treatments to rid themselves of unwanted body hair including their pubic regions. Back and shoulder hair is considered to be highly unattractive. Many women encourage their male partners to remove excess hair. If waxing is not for you at LEAST make it look somewhat neat & clean.


1. Brush your teeth everyday, when you get up and when you go to sleep. Not right when you wake up, but after your breakfast and shower.

2. Whiten your teeth. Most of those 'Whitening Strips' cost about $20 - $40 while getting it done professionally can be much more costly.

3. Floss. This prevents more stain on your teeth and numerous gum disease. Also improves your breath.

4. Brush your tongue, as this eliminates bad breath.