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It's Time to De-Junk Your Kitchen!

It’s More Dangerous Than You Think...

Let’s face it. Cleaning the kitchen is not generally a priority for most of us these days with the hectic schedules and lifestyles we lead. But the build-up of junk in your kitchen can really be quite dangerous...because bad energy can seep into the food eaten by you and your family!

Think about it... when yin chi emanates from kitchen clutter it actually gets absorbed by the food we are preparing and is a source of illness that we rarely consider... and although cooked food is not as susceptible as cold food...since cold food is already very yin...all foods are affected. So...if members of the family are coming down with the flu and colds more regularly or not sleeping well...this may be due to what they are eating!

Four Things To Do Today!

1. Clean out your refrigerator. Do this at least once a month if not more often to ensure that foods pushed to the back don’t get forgotten and become a source of danger. Wipe down the shelving, check the “best before” dates of dairy items and other foods... and make your refrigerator a healthy place again.

2. Organize your cabinets that hold dry goods and grocery items. People have a bad habit of stocking up on canned foods and ignoring them until the best before dates have expired. The same applies to half-used open sauces or seasonings that become more and more harmful the longer they continue to degenerate.

Replace chipped or broken cookware today

3. Check your cookware. Since all physical junk in the kitchen is bad...your broken or chipped plates, cup and bowls are no exception. Cooking pots and pans don’t last forever...so buy some new ones to replace these used items and get rid of the old ones. Don’t go out and buy new cookware and then hold onto your scratched old pots and pans...what’s the point? You need to rid your kitchen of physical junk completely!

4. Trash Cans Too! Don’t forget to dump your garbage regularly and throw away any rotting food...make this a priority. And be sure to keep your pet’s bowls clean and clear the cat litter too.

Dirty Kitchens Can Bring Heartache...

Sure...this isn’t the most exciting thing to do...but do you know that dirty and untidy kitchens ruin more marriages and cause more heartache than you can imagine? Of all the rooms in your home this is the place most vulnerable to yin energy buildup, so please pay attention and treat anything that is getting too old or used as physical junk and get rid of it.

Here’s the thing...if you clean your kitchen on a regular basis it will take you less and less time in the future and it becomes a lot easier and less time-consuming. The secret is just to get started! Once you begin to experience the benefits of de-junking this potentially dangerous area and feeling the difference you’ll want to make sure that you clean other rooms of your home as well.

Anca Dimancea, Ph.D
Feng Shui Expert Master
Certified by International School Lillian Too and World of Feng Shui.