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Justin Bieber: 'I'm just human'

Justin Bieber admitted he had a "hard week" in London after coming under fire for being late on stage and getting into an argument with the paparazzi.

The Canadian star was criticised for turning up two hours late for one of his O2 gigs. He then collapsed with breathing difficulties and was hospitalised after his performance on Thursday. On Friday he had an altercation with a photographer, but the 19-year-old says he remains positive for the rest of his tour.

Justin Bieber has defended his increasingly bizarre antics, saying he's ''just human'' and that his collapse last week was caused by his work out.

The star was taken to hospital after becoming breathless while performing last Thursday and posted a picture of himself in a medical bed on the Internet. He was also seen lashing out at a photographer while leaving his hotel. Justin admits it was a tough seven days but he assured his fans he’s doing well.

There have been fears that the young star is going off the rails after he got caught up in a string of scandals since splitting from Selena Gomez last year.

He has tried to allay fears about his personal life, claiming music and his fans are still his number one priority.

"I try to stay humble. Honestly, I'm still the boy from Canada who just wants to share his music with the world," he explained.

"I want to have a family one day. But at the moment I'm just grateful that I can do want I love to do."

Justin also cancelled the first of two concerts in Lisbon, Portugal due to "unforeseen circumstances".

Speaking about the acoustic section which he is including in his show for the first time on his current tour, he added to BILD.de: "My music director Dan Kanter and me, we're doing this for the fans. It is one of my favourite moments in the whole show. I worked really hard with Jon Chu to create an authentic show. I hope my fans have as much fun watching it as I have performing."