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Lynn Collins and Willem Dafoe transform into Martian royalty

John Carter is the 2012 American epic science fiction action film that tells the first interplanetary adventure of John Carter, the heroic protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series of novels (1912-43). The film marks the centennial of the character's first appearance.

For those who haven’t read the film’s inspiration, Edgar Rice Burrough’s book “Princess of Mars”, “John Carter” chronicles the journey of Civil-War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who finds himself magically transported to a faraway planet where he gets embroiled in a war amidst a host of strange Martian inhabitants, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and stunning royal Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), with whom Carter grows increasingly besotted with.

It is a nice movie where we can see the beautiful Lynn Collins who naturally, prepared for the role of a sword-wielding warrior princess and required a fair bit of dieting and exercise.

It was said that Lynn had to eat proteins and complex carbohydrates every three hours while shooting to look so nice. Willem Dafoe might be completely unrecognizable as Tars Tarkas, but believe it or not, this wasn't merely a voice acting part - he performed the role on stilts using motion capture technology. Of course, acting while teetering was not easy and he played the character well.