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Peugeot RCZ R - review

The model is considered to be the fastest and most powerful production of Peugeot on sale at the moment.

The model was produced by Peugeot Sport, the French company’s motorsport division responsible for rallying and racing. The last road car they designed was the road-going model of 205 T16 in the early Eighties. 

The RCZ R may seem similar in many ways to the great racer, the RCZ Cup, but it’s a conventional, unlimited production model.

Talking about the engine, the RCZ R is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol unit.  Peugot has strengthened the bottom end of the engine considerably to cope with the extra stresses, including polymer-coated big end bearing shells. Top power is 270bhp at 6,000rpm, leaving the 205 T16 road car in the shadow. The 0-100kph time goes under the six-second limit.

Even at idle, the engine and exhaust are loud and the cause is the unique steel exhaust manifold and the rest of the new exhaust system.

The car is built into a six-speed manual gearbox up front and there’s no automatic option. Thanks to the extra traction, the company managed to reprogram the RCZ’s stability control system, meaning it intervenes later, allowing the driver to feel part of the action for longer.

The interior is definitely a luxurious one, with satellite navigation, climate control and all the electronic toys you would want. It also stands apart from the original RCZ with the help of sport seats, monogrammed with the new ‘R’ logo in black Nappa leather and suede-like Alcantara.

The exterior has been changed, also. The bespoke 19in wheels are wider and the ride height is 10mm lower than on other RCZs. The distinctive roof arches are finished in matte black and the headlights have a dark-tinted background to complete the new grille.