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Prince Harry Goes to Washington

Britain's most eligible bachelor has begun a week-long tour of the U.S.

On Thursday, Prince Harry landed in the Washington, D.C.-area and promptly rubbed elbows with political heavyweights.

The 28-year-old, who's stateside to promote Britain, support wounded veterans, and help some of his favorite causes, appeared with Obama at a White House event honoring the mothers of service members.

"Well, surprise!" Obama said as she introduced Harry to a cheering crowd of moms and children who had not expected the royal redhead.

Earlier in the day, Harry went to an exhibit about clearing land mines with McCain, who apparently bonded with his fellow serviceman. According to USA Today, McCain was "impressed" by Princess Diana's youngest son. "[McCain] told reporters later that Harry was charming, funny and genuinely interested in land mine clearance," the newspaper reported. McCain singled out the way Harry "asked in-depth questions, not just 'cosmetic' ones", and said he and Harry had "joked, in the time-honored way, about rivalries between the army and the navy."

The Arizona senator made sure to mention that Harry attracted more than a few ladies. "I've never seen in all my years here such a one-gendered crowd," he reportedly joked.

Harry's American tour continues with visits to Arlington National Cemetery and Water Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, then a trip in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to support wounded veterans, and on to stops in New Jersey, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut.