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The Goodness of Apple

An apple a day is enough to provide the goodness and reduce cholesterol in your body. In fact an apple a day is enough to keep the doctors away. It has various nutrition such as reducing cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease. Research on apple nutrition and its juice has confirmed that the nutrients from the apple can increase health and the function of heart. Juice that contains phytonutrients (nutrient from a plant) can slow oxidation of bad cholesterol, which is a process of developing heart disease. Fiber in apple on the other hand helps the digestion process by releasing organic acid when reacting with bacteria in the intestine. Butyric acid content is also a source of intestine cells which can eliminate growth of intestine cancer cells.

Apart from that, apple is also rich with fiber. Five grams of fiber in an apple is equivalent to 20 percent of fiber needed by human in daily diet.

It also functions as a good fat balancer, especially for kids who like eating instant foods. In fact, research done by British scientists also proved that chewing apple can be a remedy for toothache problem and tartar plaque that can damage teeth. Not only that, in Japan, researchers claimed that practice of peeling apple can activate the frontal area of the brain which are the area that controls logical thinking, imagination and judgment.

Fruit  for health have many benefits such as:

-  lowers the blood pressure
-  lowers cholesterol
-  stabilizes bloody sugar
-  dampens the appetite
-  prevents constipation
-  treats diarrhea (more loose or liquid stools per day, or as having more stools than is normal for that person)
-  the juice kills infectious viruses
-  prevents tooth decay.

Due to their high Vitamin C content, they are particularly good for those who need extra Vitamin C such as smokers, women on birth control pills and people wishing to boost their immune systems. Apples contain virtually no saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium and are known to be one of the ‘heart-healthiest’ foods you can eat.  The apple’s high soluble fiber content is responsible for helping to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.  Approximately 25% of the apple’s fiber is in the form of ‘pectin’, which reduces the absorption of fat, which in turn lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Pectin also prevents blood sugar levels from swinging up and down, making apples ideal for those who wish to avoid rises in their blood sugar.  They moderate blood sugar levels and insulin, lowering blood pressure.  According to a Yale University study, just the smell of apples can reduce blood pressure. Due to apple’s Vitamin C content, studies have found that people who eat more apples tend to suffer from fewer colds and viruses, fewer upper respiratory infections and less illness in general.

It skin contains ‘caffeic’ (naturally occurring organic compound) or ‘cholorogenic acid’ (member of a family of naturally occurring organic compounds) which has shown to be a potent cancer fighter.

* TIP: Sprinkle lemon juice over cut slices of raw apple to stop them from turning brown.
* NOTE:  Apple juice is NOT a substitute!

Two to three of this fruit should be eaten per day in order to lower blood cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and keep blood sugar levels steady. Red, Green Yellow apples for health are all great for you and wonderfully tasty!