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Tips on how to be a sexy man

1. Your Look

It is important that a man dresses and grooms himself with care, as women will take a notice and appreciate his efforts. So your fashion sense is important so seek to improve your wardrobe with time. Start off with sizing yourself down into better-fitting clothes, and looking for more stylish things to wear. Make sure that you go for colours that compliment your skin, hair, and eye colours; generally speaking, people with lighter skin complection look better in duller colours, while people with darker skin complection can get away with more vibrant hues.

When it comes grooming first impressions are important and your face is where people make their initial assumptions about what kind of a person you are so remember to keep everything clean and in order.

2. Eye contact and facial expressions

You must have your own nonverbal communication and you can pick up all kinds of nuanced, finely hewn details by paying attention to actors in certain films. As practice makes perfect it may seem somewhat strange but if you know how to do it effectively you will be able to get any woman’s attention even the ones you feel is out of your ledge. 

3. Slowness

Sexy men, in many ways, are powerful men, and powerful men move slowly. And not just in walking speed - in everything. Spend time slowing down your movements and you will come across far more self-possessed and sexually appealing.


4. Your personality

I know it sounds cliché, but it's true. You can bet that where there's a relationship, there's going to be plenty of conversation. And if one party has nothing to contribute, then things will come to a close quickly. Remember that your conversation should focus primarily on the woman, and you should be both impressive and interesting, but also humble, in your discussions about yourself. This is a skill, you must develop as you want to drop something intriguing about yourself, disarm it with humbleness to make yourself attainable, then move on and return the focus to her.

5. Voice

When your voice is good enough, women will turn around to see who’s speaking simply at the sound of it, and they’ll melt when they’re in a conversation with you. So make sure your confident with what is being said as it will reflex in your voice for sure.