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Traditional Dress

The great strands taken by the fashion industry has led people to show a special interest in the fashionable designer wears. Singapore is a land of multitudes of people from many races and cultures.

The traditional dress structure varies from one person to the other. The Chinese  tend to stick to their traditional attire while the Malayan population is best fitted in the traditional costume the baju kurung.
Traditional dress of Singapore can be best described as ‘the traditional attires of the people belonging to various races and cultures’. The traditional costume of the Chinese women is the cheongsam.

The attire dates back to the period of Ching Dynasty when the wives and daughters of the royal dynasty used to wear the tight-fitting costume. The design of the dress is extremely simple and adored with ornamentation at the side of the collar.

The most popular costume of the Malay woman is baju kurung. The loose tunic is worn over a long skirt. One side of the skirt is pleated and the tunic reaches up to the mid-thigh. The two-piece costume of sarong kebaya is another popular costume among the Malay population.

The scarf popularly known as the selendang is sometimes draped over the head and at times even slung across the shoulder.

Tudung is a headscarf purposely used to cover the women's hair. The Indian population in Singapore in special occasions is found to wear saris, which is a popular traditional attire. Saris are worn with matching or contrasting blouses. The fabric of the saris may range from cotton to high quality silk.