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Trends of Men's fashion week for Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Men’s fashion week just ended a few days ago, and we can't wait to share some trends with you, hope you enjoy.

Fur is a trend that never goes out of style, but generally it appears as a decoration on the collar of jackets and coats, for 2011-2012 f/w, the designers provided more choices. On the runways, we can see not only basic fur coats, but also fancy ones with different colours or material combinations. Fur jackets also caught our attention.

Maybe full fur coats are too much for you, so we also suggest you to try the fur vests, they can make your look more pop or less formal. Still afraid of showing off too much? Then try the classic detail way, add some fur elements on your garments, like a collar.


What else is in? The hats, many brands coincidentally added hats as an important element in their shows. Different hats showed different attitudes and styles of each brand.


Red: Beside black and grey, red appeared in most of the shows, combined with different colours, not only as red-black. Maybe for F/W 2011-2012, red is the new black for men’s fashion.

Bright Colours: The colour range of most major brands is unusual for F/W 2011. The usual winter colours were used less or totally abandoned. Instead the whole collection is like a bright colour party with the use of more spring and summer colours from hot pink to flash blue.

We could especially see that with D & G. The light orange has also been used a lot.

Luxurious fabrics:

Velvet is also trendy this fall/winter, as well as such luxurious fabrics like cashmere, fur, leather and calfskin.

These and other luxe fabrics have been all over the runway. Velvet jackets, coloured leather, fur coats and calfskin outerwear can be seen at Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Etro, and others.