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Yahoo Singapore will comply with new rules

Singapore’s new rules regarding license for online news sites will help get full media accreditation.

Last month, some new licensing rules for news websites, including the local Yahoo! portal were announced and these regulations will be applied to the websites in discussions in the same way they are applied to traditional media.

Even though the local online community was outraged by these decisions and local bloggers threatened with an “internet blackout” on Thursday and a rally on Sunday to fight for their right to free speech, these new rules are seen as a positive thing by Yahoo!.

The company said that this way its staff will get more governmental media credential and access to numerous official events.  In the present reporters are making independent coverage, but journalists are not issued media passes by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and are not invited to official government press conferences and events. "In the past few years, we were restricted from government and other authoritative sources because we were not seen to be an accredited media -- that was a realm of newspapers and broadcasters," said Alan Soon, Yahoo country manager for Singapore.

He also stated that unless it becomes a tool restricting the freedom of expression and genuine debate, the portal that has a million unique users in Singapore every day will improve its stories, news and the whole content.

Yahoo Singapore doesn’t believe that the new regulations are necessary but it will comply with them.