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Your Hair Needs Volume?

Everyone's hair thins out to a degree as we age. We're aging, and so is our hair. The number one complaint from second act women, after sagging skin, is thinning hair.

What’s a girl to do when she’s longing for big hair with tons of volume?

A few days ago I asked you for your volumizing secrets, and you gals shared some fabulous tips and tricks.

Here is what works:

● Back-combing: No, it doesn't damage your hair. No, it won't look like a beehive if you do it right. Learn how. It will always and forever give you control over that split in the crown.

● Styling products like mousse are often best applied just to the scalp and root area.

● Blow dry your hair in every direction with tension (pulling hair strongly away from the scalp with a brush or your fingers) with heat at the scalp, and voila, Volume! Bending "upside down" will help, but only if you also use tension with a brush or your fingers so the hair dries pulled 90 degrees from the scalp.

● Volumizing products do temporarily plump the hair shaft. You get more volume. More tangles, but more volume. They can also weigh certain fine hair types down.

● Velcro rollers: On dry hair: set, spray with hairspray, heat with the blow dryer, allow to cool. Poof! Volume. Back comb for more.

● Curlers: Rollers, magnetic rollers, rags, bandies, anything you wrap wet hair around and allow to form to that shape will add volume through wave or curl.

● Hot rollers: Always make sure the ends are neatly wrapped to avoid "fish hooks."

● Curling iron: Start at the base of the hair, over direct up and away from the direction your are rolling for lift at the scalp, roll then up and close the clamp slightly to click the hair through, heat, release, allow to cool before styling.

Round Brush utilizes the same concept as Velcro rollers. The more you heat and lift the hair at the scalp and allow to cool before removing the brush, the more volume created.